Our Services

Learn about babywearing and how to use a baby carrier (slings) to carry your little pumpkin.  We run a sling library and consultancy service with expert advice to help you find the right baby carrier for you and your wee one.   

Do you want to know what slings and babywearing are all about? Maybe you currently use slings but want to know what other brands or options there are available.

Whatever the reason we can help!

Our service is friendly and relaxed,  we aim to put you at ease and go at the pace of you and your baby.  We cover Lanarkshire and central Scotland.


Join our 'Beyond Birth' 6 week course!!

Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing, especially during challenging times such as transitioning into parenthood. Our classes can help you learn simple techniques to manage your mental wellbeing while you and your baby navigate the ups and downs as you find your feet together. Your mental wellbeing affects your baby too, so it benefits your little pumpkin to learn these skills as well as being a benefit for you.