B A B Y   B O X   S T R E T C H Y  W R A P (free replacement service) 

It's great to see so many people using their free sling that comes in the baby box from the Scottish government.

Occasionally though slings can get damaged or perhaps haven't been manufactured 100%.

This sling was shown to me at the weekend by a concerned parent, she had tied the sling as per the recommended instructions and as you can see the stitching on the seam has come undone and there is some fraying.

If you have a baby box sling that gets damaged please contact me, I am happy to give you a FREE replacement baby box stretchy wrap to enable you to continue to carry safely.

Before using any sling you should always check your sling of signs of wear and tear.

Are all the parts in good working order (are the buckles intact and seams fine).

If you have encountered damage to a baby carrier or sling and are unsure if you can carry on using your sling then please pop along with your sling to your nearest sling library where someone will be happy to help!

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