Links to Support for Mental Health

There can be no doubt that living through a pandemic has affected us all one way or another. Some of us have adapted to changes easily, some of us not so much. For some people the pandemic has led to a loss of job, loss of home or tragically the loss of a loved one.

I know from talking from to others that lockdown and then lockdown 2 has really taken a toll on peoples mental health but I could never have imagined just how much. From a personal perspective I have had to have my mood stabilisers increased and whilst talking to the psychiatrist he informed that 8 out of 10 patients he sees are now starting to 'unravel' as a result of covid and lockdown. That is a scary number.

I also know that Christmas can be a stressful time for people too and with the added worry of who's bubble to join and where to find money for presents etc I can only imagine that more people will be start to feel the strain.

I thought I'd pop up some links for resources and places you can go to find support should you need it:

Bipolar Scotland

(Provide services and advice to people affected by bipolar disorder)

Breathing Space

(A free confidential service for people in Scotland, over 16 feeling anxious or depressed)

Turn to Me

(Mental health support online from professionals)


(Mental health charity with helpful information and links)

Trust Jack Foundation

(Lanarkshire based organisation set up to help adolescents to older people who are socially isolated or have been identified as either suffering from a mental health illness or are at high risk of suffering from a mental health illness)

Pandas Foundation

(Support for those with pre or post natal mental illness)

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