Mum's feelings matter, it's not just about milk.

I was lucky enough to attend the Babyfriendly Unicef conference last week in Glasgow and it really left me thinking about infant feeding in different ways. I heard some really inspirational talks from some of my 'heros' in the breastfeeding world. One talk that really got me thinking was that by Dr Amy Brown.

Mums needs to breastfeed MUST be considered more. It's not good enough to tell them it doesn't matter as long as baby is healthy and offer formula.

Some mums don't want to parent that way and need to try persevere and breastfeed for THEM, for that connection with their baby, for the mothers health. OK so offering formula is a 'quick fix' to get a baby gaining weight but what about mum's health? Is there any wonder that maternal mental health care has taken a hammering. The mums who dreamt of breastfeeding and had that dream squashed, who supports them in the days and weeks to come while they come to terms with a sense of loss? Please read @prof_amybrown newest book as she explains this brilliantly. "Why Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma Matter"

It's a matter really close to my heart. As a bipolar mum, I was told I shouldn't breastfeed so they could prescribe me 'better' (cheaper) medication. The thought of not feeding my babies left me in bits and debating it actually made my mental health WORSE. Some might call me selfish but it was the knowledge that my babies needed ME (my boobs/milk) that kept me fighting on when my mental health deteriorated. I HAD to feed my babies for my own sanity. I just wish the medical professionals had been more sympathetic and didn't try push me to stop feeding everytime my mental health dipped or make me feel like I was bringing it on myself because I was stubbornly continuing to feed my babies myself.

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