My HG Hell-It's not 'just' morning sickness!


Most of you know I have 3 little people, I am very happy with my little family but it very nearly stayed at me having 2 little people. You see I was one of the women affected in 2013/2014 with hyperemisis gravidium (HG) . I'm not sure what the figure was that year, but according to the news today approx 1000 woman in Scotland per year have to battle this horrible condition.

If I got a pound for every time someone looked at me with sympathy when I was pregnant with Freya and said 'oh I know, it's rubbish being so sick but just think it will pass soon' I'd be quite rich. Firstly they don't know. If you haven't had HG you don't know, you can't begin to understand how debilitating it is, how miserable it makes you feel and how it literally makes you want to wish this (supposed to be) exciting time away as quickly as possible.

Secondly HG rarely eases during pregnancy. Often due to the very nature of your pregnancy hormones you will likely throw up until you are not pregnant, meaning until you deliver your baby!

I was very poorly when I was pregnant with Freya, I had several stays at hospital hooked up to a drip to rehydrate my ravished body. I spent the entire time on a cocktail of anti-emetics just stop me throwing up through the night and let me get some sleep.

All in all it was so bad that I didn't know if I could ever face going through an ordeal like that again. Could I risk another pregnancy and cope with it while living on the bathroom floor? I genuinely didn't know if I could.

The only tiny positives were that with my first daughter, I hadn't had HG. I'd had pretty horrendous sickness that stretched wayyyy into the second trimester but I was able to eat. The other positive I hung onto was that for all I was weak, living on sips of water and needing iv fluids; my second daughter was born healthy. Its amazing what our bodies can go through.

I risked it, I decided we'd try for one more baby and luckily with our son, although HG hit me pretty hard, I was ready, I was knowledgeable, I was clued up on anti sickness tablets, injections and whatever else they could try to prevent me reaching hospital admission point. I even knew what colours to look for on urine test sticks for the presence of ketones.

I really hope that in seeing HG highlighted in the news today and by hearing others sharing their experiences, people will have a greater understanding of this debilitating condition. Maybe they might think twice before they say 'oh yes i was sick in the mornings too' or 'I was sick until my second trimester and I can sympathise with you!'

I also hope that the study being carried out will help professionals better understand the condition too and thus enable them to support us 'HG warriors' better and with greater empathy to the huge mental turmoil it brings.

Sending love to all the HG mamma's out there. You CAN do it. Xx

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