The POWER of exercise!!! 

I just want to put it out there that it's true when they say exercise is so beneficial to mental health. I cannot begin to explain the impact that going to The Studio EK has on my life. Even just 2-3 classes a week are enough to lift my mood immensely. When I used to go 4 years ago to classes I went because I wanted to keep my fitness levels reasonable and well, not put on a tonne of weight. However since then, I am now diagnosed with bipolar, anxiety disorder and bpd, have had a horrific medication change and been given mood stabilisers that yes, calm the mania, but leave me groggy as feck. This time my journey at the Studio is so so different. I am putting 110% into my workouts thanks to Lee and Gee and their encouragement and support. The team are all lovely and such a great group to work out with. I never feel anxious about going there. The workouts do more for my mental health than my mood stabilisers/antidepressants have EVER done! Yes I am putting that out there! Thats not to say you should all go and jump on a spin bike for an hour and stop taking your meds. But for me, I had accepted that my mental health was as good as it was going to get(despite seeing several psychiatrists) . That made me feel pretty rubbish esp thinking about my long term future. I didnt want to be stuck with a fuzzy cloudy brain, to just be 'stable' and muddle through waiting for the next 'up' phase. Now thanks to exercise and the Studio, I can finally feel the fog lifting from my head and feel more calm. My head feels 'clear'. If I dont go for a week or dont exercise, I am so grumpy, anxious, low, have low energy and struggle sleeping. Its also wonderful feeling my body get stronger and seeing the weight slowly come off. Its so simple people, please get some exercise, you'll do your body a massive favour. I've also started walking the kids to school and this is great way to start the day. If like me, you need someone to push you and give you the drive to get through your work out then try a class at The Studio EK. You will NOT be disappointed!!! My little people love getting out and enjoying exercise with mummy!!

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