Do you have a newborn baby who wants held all the time?


Carrying is natural. Carrying babies close to an adult’s body, as human beings have evolved to do, is vital for normal physiological and psychological development. Close contact with a care-giver helps to build a happy brain.  The positive effects of soft touch, close loving contact, and meaningful connections are enormous! Recent research into the importance of skin to skin contact also reinforces this. 

Carrying also helps mothers to survive the “4th Trimester” period and the months to follow in her parenting journey. Newborns have spent nine months in the cosy womb and love to be nestled close. They recognise your ‘smell’, they want to hear your heart and your familiar voice and being carried they can feel the familiar movements, just like they are used to in the womb.


Toddlers need carried too! It is a big exciting world for them to explore but suddenly it can all become a bit scary and mummy/daddy cuddles are needed.

Using slings to carry your child can provide many benefits; these include:

  • Promotes mother-infant bonding and secure attachment.

  • Parents can be 'hands-free' to get things done while still holding their baby.

  • Reduces risk of flat head syndrome.

  • Helps reduce reflux symptoms.

  • Encourages production of oxytocin leading to happier mum & baby;lessening the risk of PND.

  • Enables mums to breastfeed discreetly on the go.

  • Babies cry less; they find the motion of being in a sling soothing,                                      and much much more.......

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